Monday, September 21, 2009

What A Weekend!

This weekend was AMAZING! Friday I obviously took a bus to see CJ, and yeah, see my last post. Saturday we had lunch with Grammie, we got yummy pizza then helped Poppa with the basement. Sunday morning CJ came home and went to bed, when he got up he drove me to Maine :) It was a very fun car ride, we rocked out to good music and my hand was his microphone!

When we got to Auburn, we both had to use the bathroom, ICEES tend to do that to you =p, so we stopped at his parents house and he told them about some stuff and we ended up staying for a while. CJ and Connor played frisbee, and I played ball with the wieners >.<>

We eventually headed to Farmington and had a fun night with my roomie. We all stayed up WAY too late and Jenny and I got the giggles and I SWEAR there was a ghost in our room! It looked like there was a person on our ceiling!!! We all fell asleep and had a good night.

Today it was so very hard for me to say goodbye to CJ. It gets harder and harder every time, it sucks. BUT CJ got me an amazing pink, soft, fluffy blanket. Now whenever I get sad, cold, scared, or lonely, I can curl up in it and think of him.

So all in all it was a great weekend. I helped Brianne, the cheering captain, with a poster for the club fair tomorrow and we had a lot of fun. I am pumped for cheering to start, and I think that these coming months are just going to get better!

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