Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today was the first day of working out with the cheering girls! After a long hard work out in the pool and working for three hours, I worked out with the cheer girls for about half an hour and man was it the hardest 30 minutes of my life! I am SO pumped to get back into it!

Tomorrow I have 2 classes and I am going to workout with April and Jenny and go to Zumba again! Whoo hoo! I love working out even though it hurts, I actually feel decent about myself!

I am super excited about this weekend. I am visiting my WONDERFUL boyfriend and Poppa :) I haven't been to MA in a while so I am definitely looking forward to it. It also feels good because I am going there, and CJ doesn't have to come get me. I am taking a bus with Kelcie, Tara, and some boy haha. Well I am going to go kick my roommates butt for talking to a dumb boy :)


  1. What I've got to say bout that is...GOOD FOR YOU! That is so cool that you're having fun with your friends, while also doing something that is so good for you! I heard or read somewhere about a 100 years ago that the more energy you expend, the more energy you have; my experience is, it's true! Mumma dearest is proud...BWAHAHAHAHA!

    Tell your handsome boy that kim-d says hi. :)


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