Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Refreshing

Though it was a super bad day, everyone in my family hates me ha but whatever, Jenny and I got a good workout. We did abs and legs for half an hour and then did Zumba for about an hour! It was so much fun and we got some kinda sweaty!

Not too eventful of a day. In English this morning I had to read the 5 page paper about CJ that I wrote to the class. It went better than I thought, since it is an emotional paper. April, Jenny, and I went to lunch and just hung out for a while, then I went to the dreaded Geography class. We did I messed around on Facebook and such. Oh I know, I am AWFUL!

SO since I have yet to shower after that wonderful, refreshing workout, I think I shall go do so! Good night<3

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