Wednesday, December 30, 2009


CJ and I went to see Avatar in Imax 3D and it was freaking AMAZING! I had no idea what the movie was even about but I definitely recommend it! If you dont see it in 3D you are SO missing out!

I am still not feeling well :( I have no idea what is wrong with is beginning to scare me honestly. No one shoul be this sick for this long. I am miserable, absolutely MISERABLE! I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I just wanna take some meds and curl up in the heated blankey.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Cold.

SO COLD! It went from 18 Degrees to 12 Degrees in an hour earlier. I do not even want to know the temperature outside right now....I feel so bad for my boy :( He has to work all night in this cold :( Poor baby.....Everyone send him warm hugs!!

Today flew by! We went to Harrisons for lunch....YUMMMM! BEST FOOD EVER! Then we went to Target with Grammie and boy was that a trip. Christmas stuff was 75% off so Grammie went CRAZY! :)

Boyfriend just left for work so here I sit and write. I can't believe 2009 is going to be over in less than a week. It's been a trying year to say the least, but wonderful and amazing at the same time. I will write more about the year when 2010 arrives :)
I now have to snuggle in a blanket because I am COLD!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I just need to say thank you to my family, the Twomey family, and the Nigro family for such an amazing Christmas.

My family-an insane time as always, but I love them all.

Hallie, John, CJ, and Connor-You all make me crack up, even at 8 in the morning. Thank you all for everything. It was wonderful being able to spend Christmas with you.

Poppa-You let me sleep in your house and eat your food. Talking with you last night was amazing and I want to thank you for all that you do for me.

Grammie and Paul-Such a wonderful dinner! Spending the afternoon with you and your family was wonderful! You made me feel so very welcome and today meant the world to me.

Nanny and Poppa Twomey-A fun time as always :) Good times, good people, and good desert! Thank you so very much.

This holiday was one that I was nervous for, because I have never spent a Christmas with a boyfriend's family, and CJ's family welcomed me with open arms, as usual, and, I keep repeating myself here, but it was AMAZING! Never in my life have I met people who make me feel so welcome and so good. I love you all<3

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Won't be able to write again until probably Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. So, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! AUBURN HERE I COME!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 Down 1 To Go!

I had my Geography Final at 1:00 today. I don't think I did particularly well, but as long as I did okay I will be happy. Geography is hard! I hate it! On the bright side as long as I pass this test I never have to take Geography again! HAPPY DAY!

Tomorrow morning, bright and early at 8AM, I have my ECH (Early Childhood) Final. It won't necessarily be hard but it is a pain. That class just makes me want to sleep. I am not terribly worried thought because around 12 I GET TO GO HOME!!!! I am super pumped!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Final Number One

Is tonight at 6! It is my math final...yuck! I am kinda mad, it is the only final that I am taking over everything we learned this semester. All the other teachers are only covering material we learned more recently, but no, not him!!!

I am really hoping I do well on this because I am not doing bad in the class but I sure am not doing all that great. Our final is from I really want to do math at night :( Oh well. I really do not mind because Wednesday I get to go home!!!!

HOME! To MY bed, to MY work, to MY REAL friends, to MY family, and I could not be happier!! Also....11 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!! Only 10 days until my first Christmas though :)

Oh Yeah! Happy Birthday to my littlest brother Zach!
The song I chose today is the song I taught my little brother to sing when I was in 8th grade
when we went to Florida. He knows the whole song and sings it quite well!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why My Boyfriend is a Keeper :)

*He lets me fall asleep on his lap until 2 am without moving so he does not wake me up

*He buys me coloring books and crayons just to make me smile

*He colors me dinosaur pictures that I can hang on my wall

*He drives 3 hours to see me as often as he can

*He treats the Panda Bear I got him like a child

*He treats the Octopus he got me like a child

*Even when he is hurting, he makes sure I am okay and happy first

*He wanders around Wal Mart with me for no reason

*He buys me 60 cent mini ketchup bottles because I think they are adorable

*He makes me smile no matter how upset I am

*He likes to be the baby spoon :)

*He is my Airman

*He puts on the sweetest song ever the second he walks into my room and dances with me

*He lights candles in my gazebo in the summer and dances with me in the dark with soft music playing

*He puts up with my CRAZY family :)

*He doesn't mind sleeping in a teeny tiny bed, as long as he gets to see me

*He isn't afraid to show his emotions

*I can't even finish a list on why he is a keeper because there are so many reasons

*He is amazing

*He loves me

Friday, December 4, 2009


Should be freaking awesome! Chelsey is coming over and bringing snacks! I am SUPER pumped!

I have gym, then Jordyn and I are going to get her friend Matt, somewhere, not quite sure where yet lol! Maybe we will even window shop a bit??

Last night I got three Christmas presents! I am so proud, I have purchased all of 4 now. Lol Hallie must be cringing! I am a last minute shopper, what can I say!

Not too much to say right now, still frustrated as hell because trust is a no go with people but hell what can ya do right?

Can't wait to see a certain someone very soon<3 11 months today<3 I can't believe it!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Who To Trust?

I hate feeling like I do not know who I can and can not trust. It is a terrible battle in my head on who to believe and what to believe. If people were just super honest with each other this would not be an issue but hey, welcome to the real world. I am not going to go on a super long rant, though I could, I am just going to say a few things.

1) If you have something to say, say it to my face, don't run to everyone else. I WILL FIND OUT! I always do. This goes to many people.

2) Understand that my relationship is MY relationship. If I do not want to share things with you and tell you everything, that's because it is personal. People want to mess with me and my life that is fine, but just stay out of my personal business.

3) If you are going to insult me, lose the word "fat". I am sorry I am not super tiny and anorexic looking but if you are looking to hurt me, come up with something good at least.

4) I know I am hard to love, but if you are going to love me, friends, family, boyfriend, anyone, love ALL of me. I can't stand it when people only want to be around me when I am in certain moods and such. SO annoying.

Sorry I am a bit cranky if you haven't noticed. Still love you all<3

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back on the Farm

Well came back to Farmington today....not super thrilled but hey what can ya do?

I had an AMAZING Thanksgiving! Work was crazy, but sitting down to eat with the ones I love over not only one but TWO dinners was amazing! I feel as though I did not say what I am thankful for though, so better late than never right?

*I am thankful for having an amazing Memere and Tatante by my side. They have taken me in when I had nowhere to go and that is love. They have given me everything that I need and more and are the two most amazing women I have ever met. I am not very religious, but God put them on this planet to do good and dammit they do!

*I am thankful for an amazing boyfriend who stands by me through thick and thin, through the ups and downs and good times in bad. Snuggling with him on his couch in front of the fire is the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt. With him it is always wonderful, but this Thanksgiving break really made me realize how lucky I am to have him.

*I am thankful for my boyfriend's family. I feel that I have a very good relationship with them and that means a lot to me. I like knowing that I can text or message his mom when things are tough and I need advice. I like knowing that I can talk to his brother about things, nothing especially important, but I can talk to him. I love that his poppa welcomes me into his home with open arms, he really makes me feel like I am family. I love that his Grammie gives me real advice on things, and does NOT sugar coat them.

*I am thankful for being in school. I whine and complain about it, but I need to get a degree and I am thankful that I can pay for it, with the help of my family, and I am thankful for the opportunity to better myself.

*I am thankful for a wonderful roomie. We have ur ups and downs and rough moments, but honestly I don't know who else would be able to put up with my crap. I am a tough person to love and to get along with and she does a fantastic job.

*I am thankful that I know who my real friends are. When I went back to work in Auburn for a few days, everyone acted all excited to see me. Even if we don't all get along all the time, it was nice to see that I WAS missed and that I was welcome back.

*I am thankful that I do not have everything. I am thankful that I make mistakes. And most of all, I am thankful that I can't even write down all the things that I am thankful for, because that shows that you have a good life.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Yay!!! I am soo happy! At 3:30 today I get to head home until Sunday! I am so excited! Not only am I going home but on Thursday I get to enjoy not only one but TWO Thanksgivings!! I am working in the morning, and when I get out I will be going to my house for some yummy dinner and then after that I get to go to CJ's parents house for ANOTHER dinner! Boy am I gonna have to work out after that!

It is going to be so nice to sleep in my own bed, take a shower and not have to wear flip flops, and play with my puppy! Is it weird that I am actually excited to go back to work in Auburn!?!? I never thought I would say that! But I miss it there A LOT!

I have decided to have a song of the day, or post, or whatever I manage to remember! Here is today's, Letters From Home:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Basketball Game Tonight!

*Tonight should be a fun one! Our UMF ladies are going against UMPI tonight in the first home basketball game of the season! I think Chelsey is coming up tonight so her and I will go cheer our beavers on :)

*This weekend I am working 12-6 both days.....gross but the money is definitely needed!

*I get to go home Tuesday!! I am so excited!! It will be nice to be home with friends and family and also to work in Auburn again! I am PSYCHED!

*Thanksgiving is so soon! I can't wait! Unfortunately I have to work until 2ish, but after that I get not only one but TWO Thanksgivings! Now THAT is something to be thankful for!

*In less than one month I am on Christmas break!!!! EEEK! Which means a whole months off and the end of my first semester in college! HOLY MOLY!!!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Complaints For The Day

>Honestly I need a stress reliever. My body hurts because I am stressed to the max. I truly feel as though I may explode. I am not liking this, not even one little bit.

>I want to go home...I am sick of school. It is driving me CRAZY! This bed kills my back, I want my puppy, and at least when I have to say goodbye to the one I love I can curl up into my squishy, soft bed with my puppy and feel a little bit better. Here I freeze in my springy bed, with NO puppy.

>Home cooked food would be lovely. When I went home Tuesday and my aunt made dinner it was godly. Good food made just for me, just how I like it, with no line to stand in.

>TV is starting to be missed. I do not watch it here because I am not going to sit in the cold common room and watch it and I am not in the mood to watch movies all the time in the room. It's whatever.

> I miss MY DD. Here I am the noob and I am not liking it anymore. People are two faced and act like they like you one minute and the next talk crap about you. I truly do not need any drama right now. At least in Auburn I know who I can trust and who I can't.

Guess I will be done for now...just not having a great day *sigh*

Friday, November 13, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Proud Air Force Girlfriend

That's what I am. A proud Air Force girlfriend. I am so proud of CJ and I know he is going to do an amazing job when he goes overseas. As his mom said, now I can get the cute tee shirts and such :)

CJ is my hero. Plain and simple. He has been through a lot the past few months, and has stuck by my side and helped me through MY problems. His family, his friends, and everyone who knows him knows how amazing he is and how he will do great when he deploys.

I love you CJ, and the next few months we will treasure and enjoy. The holidays will be amazing and very special. When it is time to say goodbye, I will keep myself together as much as I can, but my last words to you will be, "It's not goodbye, it's see you later." Whether you are gone for 14 weeks or 14 months, nothing will change in my heart. When you c
ome home I will be overjoyed and you won't be able to get me away from you :) Kick ass baby, like you always do.

Always and Forever<3

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh what a week/weekend

What a rough week/weekend. I found out CJ is being Afghanistan....yeah it has been rough. But I am so proud of him. Fighting for our country is something he feels he needs to do that and I support him 100%. It is going to be very hard, but my motto is going to be, and has to be, it's not goodbye, it's see you later. I hope everyone will support him as much as his family and I and make sure you let him know.

This is a scary time for all of us. We are all nervous but all that matters is that we are there for him and support him. He could be gone for 14 months, that is a long time, but I hope everyone else has the faith that I have in knowing the time will be over before we all know it. Him and I are going to make it through this and it will make us stronger.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009


So the back of my mouth and gums hurt so bad!!!! I think that my wisdom teeth may be coming in, but I am too afraid to find out right now. If they are coming in, they are going to have to be pulled...which means BED! I don't have time to stay in bed in horrible pain. *sigh* it is awful...and I am just hoping the pain goes away soon!!

But anyways this weekend is Halloween!! CJ is coming up and I am so excited! I miss him soooo much and seeing him Saturday will make the pain go away and make me so very happy!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas Is Coming!

I am SO excited for Christmas! CJ and I keep talking about it and I am looking forward to it. I am going to meet more of CJ's family, and he is going to maybe meet more of mine, depends on who is there.

So I need help. Obviously I am going to college right now, so money is tight. Do any of you have any suggestions on how to get everyone their gifts for a reasonable price? My family keeps telling me not to get them anything, but it is Christmas. I have to get something, even if it is j
ust a little something.

Any good websites or deals you all know of FILL ME IN!!! Thanks!! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I have my computer back, with internet!! WHOO HOO! I AM SO PUMPED! Haha :) Not too much has happened recently...I don't think? Haha. Just wanted to let you all know I am baaaack ;)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Computer Right Now

I am in the library because my internet is messed up. Just letting you all know-I know I have some Blog creepers =]

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yay Cheering!

Last night was our first cheering practice! Boy do my jumps need work but I was so happy that I caught right on to the dance! It was hard and fast but it was SO much fun! We were talking about stunting and tumbling, but these are too difficult right now because we do not have real mats. On the one website I just pulled up really quickly, my heart sinks because of this:

CXL125FR 6'x42'x1-3/8" $610
CXL200FR 6'x42'x2" $750

Without a lot of fundraising we will never be able to afford that. I want my tumbling back so bad but without help to get mats I will never be able to :(

This is where I start begging for fundraising ideas. Any companies who would like to sponsor us, we will gladly put your companies logo on our tee shirts or support you an any way we can. We are thinking of ways to raise money and hopefully we can get our mats! We need them!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snow....on October 13th

I was sitting in my English class this morning around 8:30 AM when I looked out the window and exclaimed "HOLY SH*T IT"S SNOWING!" Thankfully our teacher was not here today and everyone either gasped because the sight sickened them or cheered because they love snow (I think THEY are sick personally.)

Here is the issue. It is not yet Halloween. I plan to go out on Halloween. My costume is not really snow friendly. I am NOT impressed.