Sunday, September 27, 2009

Today Was A Better Day

This morning I woke up to rain, lots of it, and the knowledge that I had to walk to work...I was very upset. I went on Facebook and noticed not many other people were thrilled about the rain, but I happened to comment on Brianne's (Captain of the cheering team) status about having to walk in it and she offered me a ride! I was SO thankful and happy!

Work went well, Ashley and I really talked about a lot of stuff and it was wonderful! We both love horror movies and love to be scared and hate it at the same time. She asked if I was going to the haunted corn maze, haha me? Probably not!

I then realized I had to walk home in the rain. My mood went down again, as I tried to think of ways to get home. I texted Jordyn and she said she would give me a ride since her and her friends wanted coffee anyways. I got them their coffee for free since they were being so nice.

In all it was finally a decent day! I still miss my boy but I know I will see him soon and that is what keeps me going!

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