Monday, December 14, 2009

Final Number One

Is tonight at 6! It is my math final...yuck! I am kinda mad, it is the only final that I am taking over everything we learned this semester. All the other teachers are only covering material we learned more recently, but no, not him!!!

I am really hoping I do well on this because I am not doing bad in the class but I sure am not doing all that great. Our final is from I really want to do math at night :( Oh well. I really do not mind because Wednesday I get to go home!!!!

HOME! To MY bed, to MY work, to MY REAL friends, to MY family, and I could not be happier!! Also....11 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!! Only 10 days until my first Christmas though :)

Oh Yeah! Happy Birthday to my littlest brother Zach!
The song I chose today is the song I taught my little brother to sing when I was in 8th grade
when we went to Florida. He knows the whole song and sings it quite well!

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