Thursday, November 12, 2009

Proud Air Force Girlfriend

That's what I am. A proud Air Force girlfriend. I am so proud of CJ and I know he is going to do an amazing job when he goes overseas. As his mom said, now I can get the cute tee shirts and such :)

CJ is my hero. Plain and simple. He has been through a lot the past few months, and has stuck by my side and helped me through MY problems. His family, his friends, and everyone who knows him knows how amazing he is and how he will do great when he deploys.

I love you CJ, and the next few months we will treasure and enjoy. The holidays will be amazing and very special. When it is time to say goodbye, I will keep myself together as much as I can, but my last words to you will be, "It's not goodbye, it's see you later." Whether you are gone for 14 weeks or 14 months, nothing will change in my heart. When you c
ome home I will be overjoyed and you won't be able to get me away from you :) Kick ass baby, like you always do.

Always and Forever<3

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