Monday, November 30, 2009

Who To Trust?

I hate feeling like I do not know who I can and can not trust. It is a terrible battle in my head on who to believe and what to believe. If people were just super honest with each other this would not be an issue but hey, welcome to the real world. I am not going to go on a super long rant, though I could, I am just going to say a few things.

1) If you have something to say, say it to my face, don't run to everyone else. I WILL FIND OUT! I always do. This goes to many people.

2) Understand that my relationship is MY relationship. If I do not want to share things with you and tell you everything, that's because it is personal. People want to mess with me and my life that is fine, but just stay out of my personal business.

3) If you are going to insult me, lose the word "fat". I am sorry I am not super tiny and anorexic looking but if you are looking to hurt me, come up with something good at least.

4) I know I am hard to love, but if you are going to love me, friends, family, boyfriend, anyone, love ALL of me. I can't stand it when people only want to be around me when I am in certain moods and such. SO annoying.

Sorry I am a bit cranky if you haven't noticed. Still love you all<3

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