Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why My Boyfriend is a Keeper :)

*He lets me fall asleep on his lap until 2 am without moving so he does not wake me up

*He buys me coloring books and crayons just to make me smile

*He colors me dinosaur pictures that I can hang on my wall

*He drives 3 hours to see me as often as he can

*He treats the Panda Bear I got him like a child

*He treats the Octopus he got me like a child

*Even when he is hurting, he makes sure I am okay and happy first

*He wanders around Wal Mart with me for no reason

*He buys me 60 cent mini ketchup bottles because I think they are adorable

*He makes me smile no matter how upset I am

*He likes to be the baby spoon :)

*He is my Airman

*He puts on the sweetest song ever the second he walks into my room and dances with me

*He lights candles in my gazebo in the summer and dances with me in the dark with soft music playing

*He puts up with my CRAZY family :)

*He doesn't mind sleeping in a teeny tiny bed, as long as he gets to see me

*He isn't afraid to show his emotions

*I can't even finish a list on why he is a keeper because there are so many reasons

*He is amazing

*He loves me


  1. Soooo
    i think Danielle and Cj are a wonderful couple and they do love eachother. She loves him more than any of you know, and i see it everyday.

  2. Aw Thanks :)

    People SHOULD be jealous, I have the most amazing guy in the world :)


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