Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yay Cheering!

Last night was our first cheering practice! Boy do my jumps need work but I was so happy that I caught right on to the dance! It was hard and fast but it was SO much fun! We were talking about stunting and tumbling, but these are too difficult right now because we do not have real mats. On the one website I just pulled up really quickly, my heart sinks because of this:

CXL125FR 6'x42'x1-3/8" $610
CXL200FR 6'x42'x2" $750

Without a lot of fundraising we will never be able to afford that. I want my tumbling back so bad but without help to get mats I will never be able to :(

This is where I start begging for fundraising ideas. Any companies who would like to sponsor us, we will gladly put your companies logo on our tee shirts or support you an any way we can. We are thinking of ways to raise money and hopefully we can get our mats! We need them!


  1. Danielle this is just an idea but you guys as a team could write a letter for sponsers and send to a bunch of people.Or maybe you guys could hold some kind of breakfast.. Idk.. I have a lot of other fundraising ideas let me know if you want any more help!!!


  2. Thanks! We are going to write letters to everyone and we were thinking of having a loose change dinner, and we might sell t-shirts, but any ideas you can throw out our way would be wonderful!


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