Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Cold.

SO COLD! It went from 18 Degrees to 12 Degrees in an hour earlier. I do not even want to know the temperature outside right now....I feel so bad for my boy :( He has to work all night in this cold :( Poor baby.....Everyone send him warm hugs!!

Today flew by! We went to Harrisons for lunch....YUMMMM! BEST FOOD EVER! Then we went to Target with Grammie and boy was that a trip. Christmas stuff was 75% off so Grammie went CRAZY! :)

Boyfriend just left for work so here I sit and write. I can't believe 2009 is going to be over in less than a week. It's been a trying year to say the least, but wonderful and amazing at the same time. I will write more about the year when 2010 arrives :)
I now have to snuggle in a blanket because I am COLD!

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