Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Complaints For The Day

>Honestly I need a stress reliever. My body hurts because I am stressed to the max. I truly feel as though I may explode. I am not liking this, not even one little bit.

>I want to go home...I am sick of school. It is driving me CRAZY! This bed kills my back, I want my puppy, and at least when I have to say goodbye to the one I love I can curl up into my squishy, soft bed with my puppy and feel a little bit better. Here I freeze in my springy bed, with NO puppy.

>Home cooked food would be lovely. When I went home Tuesday and my aunt made dinner it was godly. Good food made just for me, just how I like it, with no line to stand in.

>TV is starting to be missed. I do not watch it here because I am not going to sit in the cold common room and watch it and I am not in the mood to watch movies all the time in the room. It's whatever.

> I miss MY DD. Here I am the noob and I am not liking it anymore. People are two faced and act like they like you one minute and the next talk crap about you. I truly do not need any drama right now. At least in Auburn I know who I can trust and who I can't.

Guess I will be done for now...just not having a great day *sigh*

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