Monday, July 27, 2009

Turkey Burgers-WTF

So I am at Jen's house and her parents made turkey burgers for dinner. Who the HELL decided that making a burger out of turkey would be a good idea??? There were chunks in it that looked like corn, and it was just awful. As Jen said, they are enough to make you lose your appetite. I managed to force almost half of one down but we both ended up feeding the rest to the dog. How the dog managed to eat it is beyond me. I suggest if you like burgers you stay FAR away from these horrible posers that call themselves burgers.

Not to rant but what is wrong with people??? If you are goin gto eat a burger, eat the fatty, juicy, red meat kind. I am attempting to become a vegetarian by first cutting out red meat but good lord I would kill for a real burger right now. I can't believe I just forced that down my throat. UGH! BEWARE OF THE TURKEY BURGER!

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