Monday, July 20, 2009

Just For CJ

So my wonderful boyfriend, Mr. CJ Twomey, took a quick look at my blog the other day and was upset with what he saw. I had not put him on here and he was a very sad panda. So I will take the time to write about him for a bit. CJ and I have been dating almost 7 months now. After both being in not so healthy relationships, it was tough at first to break out of old ways and habits. Though we had a rocky start, we are both getting our lives on track....finally! We will both, hopefully, be attending college in the fall, which will be tough but hey, he already lives two states away! We have both grown up so much and changed so much over the past few months, and I would say for the better.

CJ came to my senior prom with me, and I could not have asked for a better time. From the moment everyone started getting ready to the very last dance, it was amazing. Us and a large group of friends went in a white hummer limo, which was pretty freaking sweet!

CJ also attended the most important swim meet I'll ever have; Senior Night. All the seniors got flowers and had their pictures taken with their parents. Well as I am sure everyone has figured out, I don't live with my parents so this was very hard for me. CJ and my friend "husband" Evan both stood by me and took my picture with me. It was so awesome to have such great support.

My family very much loves CJ as well. My aunt asked him for help with her AC the other day and he pretty much did it himself :) My brothers, though they do not know him well, remember him from his senior year as the kid who plays WoW and was a pirate!

So, though there is so much to say about Mr. Twomey, I think this will suffice for now. He is a wonderful boyfriend and has always been the best friend I could ever ask for.


  1. Two quick things...


    *Intersting how he fixes stuff for everyone else BUT his parents.


  2. Oh my goodness I just realized he is in the same shit in almost every picture!!

    I suppose I should get on that haha

    And isnt that how it always works?

    Shocker- he went through all of his stuff here yesterday and threw stuff away!!


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