Thursday, July 23, 2009

Change of Plans

So apparently CJ's car decided that it was not time for me to go home today. CJ woke me up at 5:15 AM to tell me I wasn't going anywhere. Oh I was sooo upset :) He fell asleep in no time but of course could I go back to sleep? Noooo, that would be too easy. So I stayed awake...from around 5:45, when the snoring began, to 2 o'clock. Yes, he slept until 2. So I sat, using the computer, forever.

When he finally did wake up, he was as silly as can be, which is always fun. We got dinner, Chinese, yummmm. We then wandered over to the dollar store, or whatever it is called. We were walking around looking at the stuff when I saw a bird, flying, around the store. Now, let me say, telling you I am terrified of birds is an understatement. So of course CJ took the opportunity to make me even more nervous by slowing down, looking around more, as I went on and on about how terrified I was. What a sweetie huh? Haha then we headed back to the apartment and hung out until it was time for him to leave for work.

Since I was not prepared to stay here for another few days, I am borrowing some of CJ's clothing to sleep in. I think his mom may appreciate this picture :D

(CJ wears this shirt far too often so I figured I should probably have a picture in it too :) haha)

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