Thursday, July 16, 2009

RIP Mr. Webster

Last night we lost a member of our community. He was a very loved man, as is his family. Charles Webster died in a crash at Oxford Plains Speedway around 7:30 last night. He has a wonderful family, whom my prayers go out to. Cassie Webster is his wonderful daughter who I have been in choir with the past few years. She is my family, we have an inside joke where she is my daughter and I am her mom. I talked to her this morning and as of right now she is doing alright and trying to be strong. My prayers go out to the Webster family in this time of need.

While we are on the subject of death and dying, I would like to pay my respects to the many friends I have lost over the past few years. Many of them were known and loved and it seems only right to give them the remembrance they deserve as well.
On November 17th 2007 we lost a great friend, Alex Joseph Beggs. He died from alcohol poisoning. It was a tragic loss for many, but it his me especially hard. See, Adam was at a party when he passed away. He had asked me the day before if I wanted to join him. I passed because I was not really into the party scene and I didn't want to get in trouble. He is greatly missed each and every day by so many. His Myspace always has new comments from his friends to let him know how much he is missed.

On May 30th, 2008, we lost our friend Crystal Cunningham to a car accident. I did not know her long, but I met her while our good friend, Liza, was in the hospital. She was by Liza's side the whole time I was, and was such a great person. When we met, she would send me comment thanking me for being there when she needed someone to talk to. The cause of the accident could have been prevented. Unfortunately she was just being a teenager, she jumped in her car angry, and went for a ride to clear her head. This tragedy made me realize that being behind the wheel while angry is not a good idea. We miss her, her smile, her laugh, everything about her.

On March 17, 2008 A very good friend, Liza Cote, lost her precious son, Aiden Allen Tozier. She was 5 months pregnant with Aiden when I got a horrible phone call at 430 AM. Liza was bleeding and didn't know why. Long story short, the doctor said there was no way they could save the baby because she was going into labor and it was too soon. My beautiful friend had a still birth. We were all devastated, but Liza and Mack made the best of it. We all held Aiden in our arms before we left. He would be just about a year old now if he had been born on time. We love you Liza, Mack, and Aiden.

On March 14, 2007, Dakota Jean Cunneen took her own life. I found out in the middle of my computer class when my friend got a phone call from his mom. I met Dakota through an old boyfriend, because they were very close friends. Her loss hit all of her friends, especially her boyfriend, Alex, very hard. There is nothing worse than losing someone you love to suicide. Alex's Myspace still has her face all over it, and to this day he blames himself. The small community of Mechanic Falls misses her greatly as do her many other friends.

On December 2, 2006, we lost Ryan Dale Moore, to a terrible car accident. Ryan fell asleep at the wheel while driving at night and crashed his car. He was my friends ex boyfriend, so many of us knew him well. He was sweet and kind, and went to church every Sunday without fail. His school had a memorial for him and made a basketball jersey for him and put it on the wall. He is loved and missed greatly by all of his friends and family.

On April 5, 2006 I turned 15 years old. On April 5, 2006 I also lost a close and dear friend. Kenneth Mark Jellison died in a tragic car accident. He was in the car with his friend, Kyle Karkos. Kyle was driving and they slid on some ice and hit a pole. To this day the pole has people's signatures and many times people leave flowers there. Some think they may have been racing, but Kyle says they were not. The next day at school was awful, and we had a moment of silence for him. He was 2 months away from graduation. At graduation they had a chair with his picture on it, and his name was read first. He is loved and missed by everyone.

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