Monday, February 1, 2010

6 Days

This weekend hold memories that I will forever keep. 6 days and I have to say see you later to the love of my life. To see the pics from this weekend check out Hallie's blog at Wonderful World of Wieners to see CJ's Deployment Party Pictures, no sense of us both posting them :)

Today, while I was in class, CJ decided to rearrange my room for me and surprise me with it. I LOVE IT! It is so much more roomy now and it has his touch and I simply adore it. How awesome of a guy is he?!?!?

Yesterday we went to the Boston Museum of Science with his pen pal (FROM CALIFORNIA!!) and we went to the Harry Potter exhibit. Coolest day ever? I think so! CJ bought me a quill and ink set that is so freaking awesome! He also got us a chocolate frog to snack on :)

I don't care how horrendous my make up looks in this picture, I adore it, and it makes me happy every time I see it. So rag on it if you wish but I love it and nobody can make me think otherwise!

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