Thursday, February 11, 2010

My love, My life, My soldier

Finally! Pictures! I had to post this one because even though CJ is in Afghanistan he still is being his silly self with his cheesy grin :) I was so excited to see that he posted pictures last night. It is so nice to see his face. A face that I miss so much. I am doing alright at the moment, these pictures definitely have helped me come to terms with things. All I can do is support him 100% and wait for his phone calls.

I adore this, of course we are all worried about him and he can still make me laugh! What a goober :) I would like to thank everyone that has been so supportive of me, CJ, and his family at times like this. It is sooooo needed and even just saying one kind word can brighten my day.

I love you Ssgt Twomey. Stay safe, come home soon, and remember, I'll see you later :)

**I can't hug you on the phone, so hurry home**


  1. aww those pics are so funny!!! its good to see he can still goof off!

  2. I love you baby bear <3
    forever and always...your soldier :)


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