Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Uneventful Day

So today was not too eventful. Just watched TV and had some grilled cheese with CJ. Yesterday his grammie got me a very pretty sweater, and tonight she brought me a bag full of snacks for when CJ is at work. Yummy clementines, a peach, goldfish, yogurt, and a cereal bar. Yumm I am excited for tonight! I have already managed to eat the peach and the goldfish :) go me!

Even though it was super hot today, it was a very relaxing day in the air conditioned apartment. I managed to watch a bunch of episodes of Degrassi, and even play Sorority Life on Facebook for WAY too long, but hey, gotta be a loser sometimes right?

I think I am going to go watch the Degrassi movie now, AGAIN! Early night for me tonight, I am exhausted!

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