Saturday, August 22, 2009

Homebound Tomorrow

After being with CJ in MA for a week, I am heading home tomorrow. I have to work as much as I can this week, hang out with all of my friends, and pack for school. This time next week I will most likely be bawling hysterically because it will be my first night at college! As I have said, I am excited, but I am so scared. I am worried about my family, I am worried about my relationship, I am worried about money, I am worried about a lot of things. I think it is time that I am on my own though. I have grown up young, because I have had to, so this is a chance for me to see if I am really as mature and grown up as I think I am.

I also am excited to head home because since we got stranded here because of CJ's wonderful car...again...I have not been able to go to the balloon festival. I WILL go tomorrow, and nothing is going to stop me!

I am so tired, I want to sleep but, it is CJ's night off, so he is across the room snoring like a truck, so I am going to have to physically pass out to sleep. Oh well, I do love him<3

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