Tuesday, July 27, 2010

20 Things To Keep In Mind About Me Right Now

1) He loved me, with all that he had

2) This was NOT my fault

3) Just because I don't cry in public everyday does not mean I am not broken

4) People need to stop talking about me

5) I am joining the Air Force for more reasons than one, support me

6) I will love again...someday. Don't rush me

7) I don't compare everyone to him, there would be no comparison

8) I'm not capable of loving anyone right now, myself included

9) If my grief is too much to handle, remove me from your life

10) Thank you for making me realize who my true friends are, I have like two

11) If you have $h!t to say, say it to me, not all of your little friends

12) Christopher John Twomey was the love of my life. We were going to be married this summer. See how weddings MIGHT JUST MAKE ME SAD?!?!?

13) If you don't like my Facebook statuses, hit the "remove friend" button then hit yes

14) I can't sleep alone

15) I burst into tears for what seems like no reason

16) I hate being alone

17) I hate being reminded that he is not coming back. I got it, THANKS

18) I am losing a family that I should have gained this summer

19) Don't start rumors, want the truth? ASK DAMMIT

20) I'm not a bitch, I am grieving, and everyone is turning on me. See why I MIGHT JUST GET UPSET???


  1. you tell it like it is, and always know, as a friend, you will always be in my prayers

  2. I can't sleep alone either! I am so sorry (and shocked!) that so many people are making this terrible situation worse for you. Totally don't get it. Annnnyways thinking of you always <3

    PS I hope the wedding one wasn't about me :(

  3. To love yourself is to validate the love others have for you.
    Danielle, you are loved and respected. Nate and Bri confirm the obvious. Hold your head up straight wherever you go in life. Otherwise you'll not see the faces of those who love you....and you might trip if you have an untied sneaker! Lol!
    We love ya girlypoo!



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