Thursday, February 10, 2011

RIP Tyler Bisbee

It is just one thing after another....not even 10 months after I lose CJ, I lose a good friend in a tragic car accident. Click here to see what little news is out so far.

Tyler Bisbee and I met at the campground we both grew up in each and every summer. He was the little brother of my good friend Keith, and we all had so many fun times together. From eating crazy amounts of pizza, to overeating absurd amounts of ice cream, to swimming for hours, playing basketball, going to the movies, teaching me to drive a jeep (that I completely wrecked the transmission of), to going out to eat, to playing silly games, and so many more fun times, such as the time Tyler ate all of my salsa and ended up sick all night because it was almost a whole jar! We never had a dull moment at Range Pond Campground.

Tyler had an unfortunate head on collision yesterday around 4pm. Sadly, he left us at the scene. It breaks my heart that there is nothing I can do for his family. Prayers and thoughts to the Bisbee family are 100% welcome. Tyler was only 17 years old, and there will forever be a hole in all of our hearts.

This hurts so badly...I don't even have time to mourn one death when another one slaps me in the face. Life is far too short...I don't think people realize this enough...

I will miss you Tyler...I will miss all the fun times we had, but that is what I will remember. The adorable boy with the hilarious sense of humor and the great smile. RIP sweetie


  1. Thinking of you especially today. Prayers, little one.


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