Monday, February 28, 2011

The Past 2.5 Weeks...

The past two and a half weeks have been spent in Mechanic Falls with Tyler's family, The Bisbee's, and Liza, and Brandon. I have not smiled, laughed, shared emotion, had fun, this much since before April 14th, 2010. Even though we were all grieving together, we were all able to talk openly about our deceased loved ones and smile about them.

I would like to thank the Mechanic Falls, Poland, Minot, area community for all of the support they have shown the Bisbee's through the most difficult time in their lives. The support has been mind blowing and I am so thankful they have it.

Liza and I got matching tattoos in memory of Tyler. They are the symbol from the hat he was wearing when he died; the Fox symbol and the Monster symbol. I love it.

Going back to school is going to be SO hard! I haven't left this family's side in so long! I do not know how I am going to make it! Twice I have tried to leave, and twice I came back because I missed them so much...geez...

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