Sunday, October 11, 2009

Oh So Tired

I am tired. Plain an simple. Emotionally, physically, mentally, tired. I need Thanksgiving break to come so I can go home and rest. I can;t wait for a month of for Christmas. College is more tough on my body then it is work wise. I can handle the homework and all that, but missing my family, friends, and of course CJ, is tough. Things are SUPER stressful right now....I am not going to get into it but life is a whirlwind of worries and troublesRemove Formatting from selection.

Cheering starts for real this coming week. I need it. I need to work out my frustrations. What better way to do so than throwing a girl in the air right? LoL. I miss it so much, dancing, jumping, tumbling, stunting; I just can't wait!!

So last night my roomie made a blog. She said she can't seem to keep up with her paper and pen journals so she figured she would do what I do. Check her out!

So I am going to play some lame computer games and wait for the boy to call me. It is most definitely going to be an early night. No classes and no work tomorrow, so resting is what I will do!

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