Friday, October 2, 2009

I Am A Failure....AND I WANT UGGS!

So I had two tests this morning...Math and ECH and I think I did okay on math but ECH OH LORD! I didn't even answer two questions....I fail..

SO I just got done reading my wonderful boyfriend's wonderful mother's blog and I am VERY upset. Ms. Hallie says she thinks that Uggs are ugly! *Gasp* NEVER! I would kill for a pair. My poor little feetsies are always so cold!!!! Apparently when I moved to Farmington I moved to Alaska. Oh BY THE WAY we are supposed to get snow flurries today. Yep, here it is October 2nd and the wonderful weather report says SNOW! Now maybe if I had some comfy Uggs I would feel better about this. MAYBE if I had worn Uggs to my test I would have done better *sigh*

So I guess I should go start begging for Uggs for Christmas. Only 83 days ya know ;)

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